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A Summer Morning Tragedy

May 14, 2015 at 12:02pm
by James Winter

A day like any other
kids going to school with their mother
father gone to work
the subways are a commuter’s perk
the bustle of the city streets of New York City
commerce has begun, the people are all busy
keeping to themselves, another day, another dollar
the sun shines through the buildings
shadows and sunshine alternate streets
a plane flying low sends them in shrieks
the first hits tower one and the world stood stunned
nothing to say, everyone has to run
the deepest, greatest fear has come with no answer in sight
the people see another plane hit tower two,  it makes Americans want to fight
one could be an accident, one could be misunderstood
two towers in twenty minutes could not be misconstrued!
The towers fall down from a terrible height, some people jumped-
lives lost that day would later be avenged with a fight
the damage had been done, the world’s leader had been attacked
Europe sang the American National Anthem, they had our back
a country largely divided, was one for a day, a week, a month
flags at every doorstep, every apartment, everywhere
the American people united as one, they finally cared
FDNY and FEMA came in to save lives  and assess,
they saved many lives that day, clothes all a mess.
We remember the heroes, we remember the ashes and soot
we remember the efforts of the firemen carrying people by foot
families lost their loved ones in a single moment
the lasting effect of that absence would be felt, no atonement
wreckage and twisted metal, the mess had to be cleaned
every piece of rubble, every piece of metal, a  tough reminder at every step
the world’s changed, America must become more adept.
blood and tears, a day that seemingly would never end,
twenty four to forty eight hour shifts that emergency services will never regret.
“have you seen” signs all over ground zero, people reunited, a bittersweet solace
some would never get. The overriding guilt that some were forced to feel
as they missed flight 93 that day, a memory now, surreal.
The media displayed the Middle East cheering while we cried
the united anger and hurt of America on display, this occurred when
our kids were at school, learning and at play.  There was not time to laugh,
there was no humor at all, we couldn't keep ourselves from an emotional fall.  every life changed forever whether you were in New York or not, a change of course for this planet, one which we never thought. A new way of living would soon be discovered. In fourteen years we’ve forgotten that day, separated again by the news of the day. Every September 11th, we reflect on that day, we need to remember how it affected us and how for a day, we were one country, proud and afraid.  Most of the world joined us that day, we wept as a nation, our flag was raised by firemen to remind us of the lesson.  We’ll move forward, we’ll move on, never forgetting how we were wronged.  The blood of innocent lives lost from New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania was shed.  Let’s now remember the unity we had as a reminder of our dead. We need to be strong.  The military can only do so much,  the reminder of that bloody, traumatic day will remain in our souls, every time we take off our shoes for TSA, our thoughts will be full. It’s 2015 now, and our focus has changed.  We’re busy with civil injustices, we’ve gotten away from what solidified this nation from terrorism’s ways.  We’re smarter now or so it seems, with riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, we’ve lost the sight of what UNITED means. Will it take another tragedy like 9/11 or Pearl Harbor to united this country again and hold hands like brothers?

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quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2012

HAPPY 4/07

Hoje, eu e meu anjo nos falamos e foi tão gostoso ! Relembramos as nossas primeiras conversas há 2 anos atrás. Nessa época, nós apenas digitávamos. Nenhum de nós tinha webcam e nossas conversas duravam horas ... Eram músicas que iam e voltavam via Facebook e nosso amor e preocupações um com o outro cresciam.

Hoje é feriado lá ! Um marco pra Jamey ! Ainda existem fantasmas que rondam nossa vida e hoje é dia de sobrepujar mais um deles !

Jamey foi pra San Diego com a família pra ver a queima de fogos !    

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